Thursday, December 8, 2011

Home- It used to be!

I remember when we rented a home here in Bhopal after my father's demise. My father was a great man and I must say being one of the sons who would follow any command, being the most dedicated and honest my father blessed me with his love and teachings which have stayed with me to guide me in every trouble I face. He has been the ray of hope, that has cherished me and would be forwarded to my family too. Leaving aside how I reached Bhopal I come back to the topic. Home - it used to be.
A new culture has come up with the coming generations - "The Privacy Culture". True, Privacy is needed but it has been wrongly understood. Now a days, If your mother comes up to your room you would say "Mom where's my Privacy". Now we have rooms and we have our privacy!
                                     I must bring to you that in Bhopal I rented a room - a big one but a single one. Those were the days when I was new to this place and my father was no more. The reasons why I had to come up to this place is destiny's venture or say adventure and doesn't make sense to discuss under this topic. I was married and  had a daughter. My brothers used to come to my place as my mother stayed with me. I can certainly cherish the feelings that we had in that single room. We all brothers, with our families use to come together, we would lie on the surface of the room as there was no furniture. But the laughter we had, the love we had, the fights we had, had there own virtue. Virtue that has been lost to "Privacy". At-least that single room was our home but today with many rooms we still cannot make a home - living far away minding our own businesses!
                          We may think that we have established ourselves keeping our privacy sustained, but privacy with whom? Loosing our culture and accepting the new but again not knowing whether the new one would be the right choice! Whom to ask? And why should we ask as it's our Privacy! But again privacy - with whom? Your parents!, Your Relatives!
                       This new culture is in reality making us Selfish. Making us Dumb! And some may call them Businessmen! Why? Because they believe in give and take on equal terms. If you are not beneficial to me I have no business for you, nor do i know You. But business with your relatives, your own family, your love one, your friends? If yes, then who else is left to let you know what's good for you as you have your privacy and you ask for no advice.
                        Slowly and steadily we our loosing our ties, our bonds. And we attribute it to this new culture - "My Privacy". What has brought me to this post is the awakening that Bonds should always be maintained, relations must be preserved as the rarest and the most expensive jewel anyone in the world can have.

//Conversational Output- True aspects: An Extract from "I Wonder" with permission//   

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