Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Decision Making

Believe me these guys are not 'The Devil and the Angle',  nor are the 'Corporates and the Customers', nor do they belong to the 'Nataraja Pencils'.
These are just the 'Travellers who are in need of  the True Insight' . Or otherwise in short, are in question - 'This is worth doing or not?', 'A Yes or  a No?', 'This is the right Direction or not?'
Or do you think, it says about: One who creates his own world based on his ethics and The One who destroys his own world'. Certainly somewhere this thought emerges upon.!

Otherwise something that's not  in Consious but is Closer to Your True Insight - What do think and how do you see a thing.
I must say 'These short words' are 'Not at all Short' - in the Real Sense. Still the Insight Search Analyses it in a different way-'The Topic is : Create Your Own World - A Decision Making'.